Happy New Year

Hi friends,

Once again I have gone rogue. I miss writing. So often I find myself journaling in my head about the things I’d like to write about here on the blog. Then time gets away from me — again.

I hope you all had a great holiday season and are kicking off the new year in whatever way makes you happy {resolutions, clean slate, fresh start or just treating it as another month, another day, another year}. This was the first year in I don’t know how long that I was in bed well before midnight. I am night owl almost always {and a ‘sleep in’ kinda girl when I can to make up for it}. The night before New Years Eve was a late one for us due to my husband’s work Christmas party. I couldn’t hang for two nights in a row. Yawn. We did manage to have a nice dinner with friends. It was some much needed catch up time with some of my favorite people. It was really a perfect way to end 2014.

I kicked off 2015 with a Starbucks and an almost 5 mile walk with a friend. Perfect. We finished it with a little dinner at B.J.’s {Pizookie anyone?}.

So I don’t really like to make resolutions but I  do like to set some goals – in hopes of achieving them – for the New Year. I really use the new year as my start because October – December are pretty busy months around here. I host several things including a Favorite Things Party, an annual craft event and our annual adults only Christmas Party. That with house guests sprinkled in through-out and we are busy. A good busy. A busy that I really enjoy and I am always sad to see it end.

That being said, I am also looking forward to making more memories in 2015. One of which is becoming an auntie again in just a little over a month. I can hardly wait to meet my new little nephew. My sister in law is one of my favorite people and I loved having her here over the holidays. Her, my brother and my cute – almost 3 year old nephew – stayed with me so our nights were spent on the couch  with me feeling her baby belly movements. One of my favorite things. I am pretty sure this kids gonna be a boxer.

Some of my goals for the New Year ….

eat better — I am not a diet kind of girl. I end up more hungry and less happy. Plus life is for living. So that being said, I’d like to do little tweaks and less calories but still allow myself some of my favorite things like my Starbucks iced coffee with whole milk. It’s my ‘thing’. I also don’t want to have what I eat become my main topic in life. I have so many other things I’d rather talk about.

exercise more — my two favorite things are walking and yoga. I am so out of shape. It’s up to me to take care of myself. So the plan is to walk and do more yoga. Ideally I’d like to do yoga 2-3 times a week and walk 3-4. I am trying to be practical about what I will actually do. If I do more then I get a sticker or a high five. Just saying.

be more productive — this is basically my way of saying that I need to stop wasting time on mindless things. I waste too much time on Pinterest. It’s not something I will quit but I think I need to set computer limits. It’s easy to waste away hours when I really could be doing something that is good for me, like going on a walk or taking a yoga class. Or blogging. The whole point of this blog was to make a job of it. I.HAVE.FAILED. So far.

blog more — I have so many things to share and say. This blog is my voice. And I like to talk. A lot.

see more — I love seeing new places. We have a lot of cool places within hours of where we live. Plus I just finished reading Wild so I am feeling like I should do more 🙂 Although hiking the Pacific Coast Trail is not on my list of 2015 goals. I’d love to hike more and seriously, we are smack dab in the middle of San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. The options are endless.

be present — need I say more? Whatever I am doing, I need to be fully committed to that moment.

play more games — we tend to do this during the holidays but we should be taking the time more often then that. We have a blast. Even if my husband it highly competitive and loud and we all have to ask him to take it down a notch. Ha ha.

garden better — we have a great spot for a garden. We tend to plant things only in the summer but I am not great at tending to it. Summer gets busy but really, this shouldn’t take a lot of time once it’s planted for us to harvest the goodness. Right?

budget better — we are wrapping up some debt in 2015 so 2016 will really be a fresh start for us. I’d like to save more and spend less. With that comes better planning for things like groceries, etc. Those last minute trips to the store add up at the end of a month.

delegate — I think in general my kids could do more. Sometimes it’s easier to just do it myself but they are capable of stepping it up. Same for the hubs. He is a rockstar but there are a few things that he could take on that would help me out.

As always I hope to do everything with kindness and gratitude. In a crazy world {that seems to be getting crazier} it is so important to treat others well. I also feel grateful daily for all the things I have been blessed with. So take a moment to smile at a stranger, to say thank you, to count your blessings.

Also, I wanted to share this list I found on Pinterest. I just love it.




Happy New Year friends. I look forward to seeing more of you in 2015.

Mommy blog or not?

So here I am – trying to find my place is this wild blogosphere I have a certain  audience that I am trying to speak too. I have several topics that all sort of encompass the same ideas. Be green, stay local, indulge, play hard, love deep, etc, etc. So as I am constantly reading other blogs. Getting great ideas for crafts and recipes, getting a little caught up on some of the fun sites that do exist. I am always saying, “What am I in all of this?” and “Where do I fit in?” Well I am me .. I write about what moves me and what makes my world go round. Many of these things also make YOUR world go round. At least I think many of us have the same goals, motivations and likes. So I am sitting here tonight, reading the blogs of moms. My thing is that I don’t want to be pigeonholed as a “mommy blogger” although I can’t say exactly why that is. I guess I don’t want this to only be about being a mom because I am also a wife, daughter, friend and my own person BUT enjoy reading mommy blogs and guess what?? I am a mommy! *gasp* So shocking, right? So as I am perusing the internet, reading fun sites such as Dooce (and cracking up at her comical journalism of mommy-hood) I start to wonder, how am I different from these moms? I am not at all — I have kids, they do funny things, we go places, I blog about it. So that is my little bit of pondering for the day. I so often think that the daily happenings in my house could easily end up as some comedy sitcom. The moments, oh the moments. So many and so many GOOD! Perfect example, the other night while my hubby and I were tucking in my lovely almost 5-year-old amongst his 10 layers of must have blankets I said, “Pretty soon it will be warm for all of this ____”. Well he finished my sentence for me. I was going to say “stuff” and he said, “crap”. Really. He is 4 and three-quarters and he said crap. In the perfect context. I do love kids. They say the darndest things. And guess what? I am a mommy and I blog. So there. What does that make me? 🙂


Have you ever felt like something was just meant to be? Well I feel like I have found it .. what I want to do with my time. I have a passion and it is taking over me. With all that I want The Local Honey to be and the signs that tell me that I am indeed on the right path to living well. This is why I say it is kismet which is described as fate or fortune. There are little things that are popping up that just make this feel right. Not to mention how much fun I am having researching, writing and learning. So what made me feel this way today? I was poking around looking for local farms to visit and I stumbled upon Zoey Farms right here on Word Press http://zoeyfarms.wordpress.com/.

Now why is this so significant? While I was checking out their blog I came across a tab called Zoey. Zoey was the owner’s dog. Why is this a big deal? Because I too have a dog named Zoey. Zoey actually means life. Which is exactly what I am blogging about. Life. And all of the ways we can make it good. Oh, let me also share my little Zoey ~ part of what makes life GOOD. She deserves a little recognition since she was a part of my blog today

What is The Local Honey??

I like to call The Local Honey my “project”. It is actually me sharing a wealth of information with YOU! What is honey? Honey is obviously something we eat but I was thinking of it as more of a sweet thing or term of endearment. Laying in bed one night while thinking of creating a website that I could utilize to share various tidbits of info and also motivate myself to continue on the journey of being more resourceful, the name popped into my head. Now mind you, it could very well because I have been eating gobs of local honey to assist in my never ending battle with seasonal allergies but none the less, a name was born! Why Local? Because I hope to share the various local activities to do in our area with all of you. I live in El Dorado Hills, CA. A great little town about 20 minutes east of Sacramento. Now we are pretty much smack in the middle of majestic Lake Tahoe and the eclectic San Francisco. About an hour and a half each way. With that kind of location, imagine the possibilities!

The other various entities of this site include Fun Finds which is just various little gifts, trinkets and ideas that I like and want to pass on for others to enjoy. Bee Green is my journey to be well, “Green”. Obviously “Bee” is a little play off of honey. You will find ideas on how to reuse, reduce & recycle. Nourishment will introduce you to recipes (yes, some healthier then others – I admit, I do like a rockin’ Paula Deen cake on occasion) and local restaurants, coffee shops, gardens, etc. Organize me is the part of me that I really wish I could market. I LOVE to organize! It gives me such a feeling of accomplishment and pride, plus my house just looks better afterwards. Who wouldn’t love that? You will also see me add post simply called, “A Little bit of Honey” ~ these are my daily inspirations found in various quotes and maybe even on occasion in a fortune cookie.

I hope I can add a little something to your day whether it be motivation, happiness or just some fun. Thanks for watching me blossom