10 Quick And Easy Organizing Projects

New Year, new you? OK – well maybe you aren’t on the whole resolution band wagon but you can still use the new year as a jump start to get rid of clutter. Why? Because it’ll make you feel lighter. I promise. I’ve been making simple suggestions on Facebook over the past couple of weeks on easy ways to eliminate clutter and organize your life, one area at a time.

Ready, set, you’ve got this, now go —————>

  1. Tackle your inbox. How many emails do you get that you just delete without reading? Take some time and unsubscribe to those. I did this and my inbox is so much less cluttered and it feels so good!
  2. Clean out your car. Once the junk is cleared, vacuum it out. If you are struggling to keep stuff corraled then grab a storage bin and utilize it to catch the ‘extra’ stuff like your reusable grocery bags and that yoga mat {wait, I just described my own car}.
  3. Clean out the refrigerator. Take EVERYTHING out, toss the old and expired stuff, wipe down the shelves and voila, it’s like a whole new fridge. Oh, make a list of the basics that you need to restock while you are at it.
  4. Call and schedule any appointments you’ve been putting off. I did this today. It took a whole 5 minutes to handle 3 appointments. Why did I put that off?
  5. Find 3 new recipes to try this month. Maybe they will become favorites and you can add them into your weekly meal rotation.
  6. Clean out the pantry. Get rid of things that have expired or that you will seriously never eat {Halloween candy anyone?}
  7. Purge the utensil drawers. You’d be surprised how some of those gadgets really aren’t all that useful. Don’t wait for that ‘someday’ when you think you might use them.
  8. Tackle the shoes. Yes, shoes. I have growing children and a lot of too small or just plain worn out shoes around my house. Toss what is beyond repair or doesn’t fit and donate any that are too small but in good shape. A lot of our shoe ‘rejects’ end up in our garage.
  9. Organize one junk drawer. Who knows, it might inspire you to clean another and another {yes, I have more than one ‘junk drawer’}.
  10. Go through your cleaning supplies. Dispose of the old stuff and make a list of needed items. I just signed up with Grove Collaborative. They use affordable and effective cleaners such as Mrs. Meyers and Method. You can sign up and have them delivered to your doorstep. Talk about convenient.

Are you a natural organizer or do you need a little help in this department? Let me know if you have certain areas you need help with, I’d love to offer some suggestions.

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