Proudest Moment

Day 11 of the 31-day blog challenge. Tonight, my baby sister was laying on my couch and I was feeling her belly cause she’s got twins in there. I am all about feeling baby bellies. Some people love this attention and I have spent many moments touching my friends and families bellies to feel the babies. Seriously. My sister in law and I have sat side by side for what seemed like hours just so I could feel my nephew move. I am so completely amazed at how we as women can grow a little person in our bodies. Like, from scratch. What? My sister is growing two. Double wow. Just amazing. I was only able to feel ‘righty’ move. Lefty was playing hard to get. Anyway, the purpose of my belly rant brings me to my proudest moment. Being pregnant was seriously amazing. It’s hard work on the body but it is such a miracle and guess what? I did that!  Twice. The moment I felt my boys move in my belly, I was so aware of the little life growing inside me. The moment each of them was born were the proudest moments of my life. I am a little kinder to myself after carrying and delivering my two boys. They made me feel like a rockstar, a warrior, a hero. They made me feel alive. Now I get to watch them grow. Nothing makes me prouder than being a mom.

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