If I Won The Lottery

I mean, why not dream? Day 12 of the 31-day blog challenge {yes, I’ve skipped a couple of days. Life happens and some of the topics didn’t rope me in}. Day 12 is asking what I would do if I won the lottery. Well, first of all, I rarely play the lottery. When I have, it’s typically when I have been roped into a big group buy in. I do daydream about what I would do with an endless supply of money. It’s kinda my zone out topic when I can’t fall asleep at night or when I am out on a walk. I think about the things I would do if money wasn’t an option. Those daydreams include buying a new truck for my husband, a new trailer for our family, paying off my car and our house, remodeling our home, putting in a killer backyard with a pool and hot-tub, buying a vacation home in Tahoe, traveling and paying for future college education for my boys. I mean really, how fun to dream, right? I’d also like to donate money to local animal rescues. So with all of that being said, I have a want vs. need list. We have enough of everything we need to be happy so I don’t need more. Plus I don’t pay the lottery so I can’t really win, now can I? 😉 Do you pay the lottery?

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