This is 40

Sorry folks, I am just now getting to finish this post. Life has been a little busy 🙂

I have been hash-tagging This is 40 all week. Kind of obnoxious maybe but it’s kinda true. OK on July 31st it became real. I am a 40 year old mama/wife/friend/sister/etc. I admit it, at first the idea was FREAKING ME OUT. Think about it, if I live till 80 (“if”) then I am 1/2 way through my life. Super silly logic but that is how I have been processing this whole ’40’ milestone.

Fast f0rward to the minute July 31st rolled around. I was just finishing cleaning my floors in an empty house. The hubby was working and the boys were at my dad’s cause I had a girls night that lasted till 11. Then I received a sweet text from my sis in law, Sydney at exactly midnight. I finally crawled into bed around 12:30 {I am such a productive night owl}. The next day we went to Camp Richardson and enjoyed the day sitting at the beach and wrapped it up with dinner and of course some Rum Runners at The Beacon. I love Tahoe so that was my idea of a perfect birthday.


Now fast forward to the weekend. I had house guests. My sister, Carly and my brother, Michael and his wife, Sydney and my cute nephew, Maverick. Plus one of my oldest and dearest friends, Jenn was in town. She was staying at her parents nearby. So I hosted a pizza and salad night and had a houseful of people I adore. Bliss. I did however know that there was something else in the works. My husband and one of my besties {Hi Stacie!} were in cahoots for awhile planning something. Stacie is an excellent event coordinator and well, turns out Steve did pretty good himself. I knew the date and that was all I was supposed to know. Little hints kept getting dropped and people were definitely acting kinda weird cause they didn’t want to spoil the surprise. Then I started feeling like I was going to let everyone else down if I didn’t react the right way. I shared this with my husband {in an, “I’m freaking out” kind of way} the night before. He then offered to spill the beans which I didn’t want either. Especially that late in the game. I just didn’t like the pressure I was feeling. Like a circus monkey perhaps? I don’t know. Bad analogy. Ha ha!!

So Steve took me to dinner at Ella. I had a couple of cocktails cause at this point I was feeling a bit nervous. Afterwards he drove me around in circles to get lost. My eyes were closed. I had no intentions of cheating. Little did he know the circles were not necessary cause I was buzzed, singing to music and totally not paying attention to where we were going. So after he attempted to trick me, we pulled up to the venue. He led me out of the car {I am pretty sure he almost ran me into a wall} and up a walk way and then into a building where I was allowed to open my eyes. Then everyone yelled “surprise” {which it kinda was} and I looked around to see the faces of so many people who mean the world to me.  I tried to give hugs but it was like a game of tug or war. So I gave some hugs, saw one of my oldest and dearest friends  {what can I say, I believe in forever friendships} that I haven’t seen in 5 years , hugged her and we cried together. Then I was pulled to the center of the room {oh the venue was Reunion Night Club} where there was a version of Happy played on a giant screen. But this version of Happy had some of my friends, family, coworkers, Starbucks Baristas {yes, I frequent Starbucks THAT MUCH} and my chiropractor. It was one of the sweetest, sentimental, thoughtful, wonderful things I had ever seen. I laughed so hard. It was well thought out and just an amazing gesture of love. My sister from So Ca and I watched it over and over and over and over for several days afterwards. I’d love to share it here but it would get taken down due to piracy issues. I mean, Pharrel is still singing so we only inserted some fun dancers along side his words. After the video I was pulled to the back of the room to view the awesome decor. All kinds of old photos spanning my whole life. My friend Stacie had this amazing canvas {see collage below} made for me which tells a little about the things I love. Of course my favorite deserts were there for the Happy Birthday song and making a wish. It was really an amazing, lovely and unforgettable evening spent with many {but not all .. some were notably missed} people. I am grateful every day for this life and the people in it. As I finally wrap up this blog I am officially almost 8 weeks in to this 40 thing and guess what, it ain’t so bad!

collageBe grateful today and everyday.


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