Feeling Blessed

As I sit here tonight I feel completely overwhelmed. There are so many emotions flooding through me right now. I am just feeling extremely blessed. Aside from the fact that I got a job that I think will be a fabulous fit for the family/life balance today {woot woot}, I also felt an  over whelming amount of support from my girlfriends and family who are my constant cheerleaders. Of course the lead up to just why I feel so lucky to have the friends I have is a whole other long story but lets just say it’s been a journey of love and loss but I found my way to my sister friends. The ones who know me and love me and support me. Sorry, huge run on sentence but I can not explain in words how happy my heart is for the love I feel from my girls!

Now onto another reason I’m a bit emotional tonight. A few weeks ago I received an email from a friend. There were three of us on the strand. Two of whom have never met but I was the common bond. You see, several years ago my friend, Jodi had breast cancer. She started a journal called The Boob Scoop. I sent it to several of my close girlfriends because I was so inspired by her attitude to kick cancers ass. This caused this instant bond between many. I have to say that my friend Kim is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. She is always looking out for others. She is warm and fuzzy and kind. Her and Jodi struck up a friendship over Facebook {which I have to say is one reason I really love Facebook – I have met some very inspiring people there}. Jodi, Kim and I often seem to be on the same page as far as looking our for others and if nothing else, sending love and prayers when needed.

Back to the email. When Jodi first emailed Kim and I, she was telling us her situation and working through the scenarios in her head. Jodi is cancer free but she recently got tested for the genes that causes a greater re-occurrence of not only breast cancer but also ovarian cancer. As a matter of fact her chances for reoccurring are 95%. Wow. What a staggering statistic. This being said, she knew she had some choices to make. She is a mom of two children so I think that in itself makes this a no brainer {although still a big pill to swallow}. She opted for a double mastectomy and a complete hysterectomy. Plus reconstructive surgery. Holy crap. Doesn’t that seem like a lot? Well it is but there is more. Because she recently went through a divorce, she only has medical insurance through the end of the year. She is working hard at a sales job but as of now, the insurance of her ex husband is what covers her medical bills. Here we are on November 5th and she had the first surgery today.

I don’t see Jodi often. However the bond we have on Facebook and all of inspiring notes that go back and forth have her heavy on my mind and in my heart. As a woman, I can only imagine losing parts of yourself that make you a woman {in a physical sense}. They are just parts though. If they are not healthy and could affect your over all well being then is worth keeping them? I wouldn’t.

As the day passed and the clock ticked I did not see any updates so I started to worry. I mean this was a very routine surgery but still. I posted on her wall awhile ago that I was waiting for the thumbs up and shortly after it came. From her. I can not tell you the flood of relief that just washed over me. It took me a bit by surprise.  First it was in the form of ‘liking’ my comment and then the photo of her smiling with a real thumbs up came. Tears.

I know she has a long road of recovery ahead of her. She is strong. She has a support system. She has the love of her beautiful children. She is already a surviver.

So as I trek along in life I realize how easy it is to not remember how lucky we are. We all get caught up on ‘stuff’ but although it is only human of us to melt down over the small things we often forget that sometimes the most basic things like boobs and a uterus are things we take for granted. If yours are healthy and not putting you at a high risk of of being sick then that makes you pretty lucky, right?

So I guess what I am saying is this: parts are just parts and if not having them helps you be healthy then so be it. Good riddance, good bye, adios! But if you are lucky enough to have healthy parts then be thankful for that as well. Be thankful that you don’t have to make big choices like this.

Oh, something else totally crazy about this whole story? I have another friend that went through a double mastectomy a couple of years ago and she recently tested positive for the gene and had a complete hystarectomy as well. Wow. Two friends in a matter of weeks. This yuckiness is way too common.

So that being said, if you are in my circle — I’m gonna cry for you and cheer you on throughout the good, bad and ugly. Jodi — I dedicate this post to you. You ARE a surviver and an inspiration my friend!!




  1. If you love her, and I love you, and she loves you, then I love her too! See how that works? Let me know if I can help with a dinner sweet thing…polarizing emotions for you today. Modern medicine is a marvel. Now she has a lifetime left with her children, because of testing. To me, she’s in charge, not the disease…big ole can of whoop ass was released on the big C today…hooray for Jodi! Sending thoughts for a speedy recovery her way.

  2. Awesome post Gabby! I remember reading Jodi’s post and feeling truly inspired. I think she made the right choice, and I wish her a speedy recovery. You are beautiful inside and out and a truly amazing friend. I love you!

  3. Thanks for sharing Gabby, Thinking of your friend with good thoughts for a speedy recovery, truly an inspiration and shows us not to sweat the small stuff, it is so not important. Hugs.

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