Day 27: 31 Days of Being Present – Movie Night

Ah yes — kids movies. Sometimes you need motivation like popcorn and candy to get through it. More often then not, the fact that you child is so excited for movie night with his mommy and daddy is all the motivation one could want. Tonight was one of those nights. My oldest went to a haunted house with his Auntie while the little dude stayed home. We went to Raley’s earlier for some milk and other basics. Of course Redbox called and we were going home with a movie.

This is such a small thing but Mason spent the rest of the afternoon planning for it. We would have popcorn with M&M’s and also the Nutter Butters that we bought ‘special’ for the night. He had his blanket and favorite stuffed animal and snuggled up to daddy {I wasn’t his person tonight}. It was really sweet and really it was just about hanging out, just us 3 doing what he wanted to do. It was a no brainer.

Sometimes being present just means doing what others want us to do. Spending the time watching this movie was special to him and that in itself made it special to me.

Photo taken summer 2012 — one of my favorites


  1. LOVE it!! Moments like this are the best!

  2. Yes they are!! Besides, who doesn’t love popcorn?? 😉

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