Day 16: 31 Days of Being Present

Today is a simple post. It is really not even about me – it’s about what my husband did that made me feel all better. I have been a stress ball lately. Trying to find a job, juggling home, wishing for more money, being a mom and keeping up on this blog. I was starting to feel like I might just crack. He came up and hugged me. Tight. And said, “Everything is going to be OK”. Well even though I have moments where I go dark and feel helpless {I am pretty optimistic but sometimes I have moments of despair — I think we all have our moments!}, I really do feel blessed and like I have so much more then so many. It’s not a ‘poor me’ type of feeling. It’s more of a “I can’t control everything and I don’t like this” type of feeling. Anxiety. Anyway, we are all human, we all have struggles but today this simple gesture really kinda snapped me back to reality. Cause he’s right, we will be OK. So today my husband made me be present because he was — I only needed that moment to make me feel sane again.

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