Day 14: 31 Days of Being Present

I love feeling like my week is going to start off right {fingers crossed that is}. Sundays are often pretty peaceful days without a lot to do which is nice but I also like to take advantage and get stuff done on  so that my Mondays start fresh and without a million things to do. So today, the hubby picked up some OT which left me with two kiddos who hate running errands 😉 Thankfully my dad took one of them out for the day and the other stayed with me. This was by choice. Dad took Ben to the Nimbus Fish Hatchery {when my kids were little they called it the Fish Factory} and invited Mason along but Mason preferred to shop with me. I was kinda lost as to why he would choose me so I asked {when it’s Mason, you never know what the answer might be}. Well it was an interesting one as always! He said he did not like “the smell of the fish food”. Um, OK. I had never heard this in the many, many times we have gone. So fish hatchery 0, mommy 1. Actually he is pretty easy going so it was A-OK having him as my buddy. We tackled the To Do List. Michaels, Costco, Safeway and then the money pit gas station. Boom! In two hours I had my errands run, gas tank filled, cupboards and fridge stocked. Yippee! Oh, then upon getting home Mason took off to play with friends so I cleaned the house too. So there ya have it, by putting in a few hours today {being present and focusing} – my week is going to be so much less stressful. I also didn’t feel like I took away from family time since hubs is at work and the kiddos were happier being with Grandpa and their friends.

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