Day 13: 31 Days of Being Present

Today is a ‘marathon day’. Nope, I do not run. Only if someone was chasing me would that be happening 😉 What it means is we are running from one event to the next. First Starbucks {mama needs her fuel}, then soccer, home for a short while, off to drop off raffle tickets for the kids school Fall Festival, home to pick up my dad and sister and then we are off to see my hubby get his badge pinning for his recent Captain Promotion {yeah Hubby!!}. Of course that will be followed by an early dinner and then the drive home. Did I mention that he works an hour away? Anyway – It’s days like this where it is so hard to be present cause I am in go mode. Already thinking of the next thing to do.

Guess what? I don’t think it matters what I am doing or what is happening in my busy, overloaded little brain today. What matters is my husband and his big achievement. This afternoon is all about him and how hard he works, not only for our family but also at his job. He is a dedicated man and he deserves for me to be 100% present to celebrate HIM. So today I shall be present for my man.

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