Day 12: 31 Days of Being Present

Being present — what makes us be present? Well I think it depends on the day and where we are in our own heads.

This lil’ post is about babies. One in particular. Let me tell the story of Miss Alyssa. One of my neighbors has become one of my best girlfriends. Really, I adore her. Our hubbies are friends, our kids are friends and even our dogs are friends. I love that we are neighbors and can check in so regularly. A year ago my sweet friend was trying to get pregnant with baby #3 and it was proving to be a challenge and then it happened {it was a journey for sure}. She showed up with another BF of ours and presented the positive test {yes, we are that close}. Of course we all got weepy and giddy and happy.

Obviously the journey takes 9 months so we got to watch her belly grow, feel the baby kick and even throw her a pretty awesome baby shower. It was fun for all of us to follow along in all of the moments. Baby #3 was a surprise baby so we all made our guesses. A lot guessed boy. Those people were wrong {yes I was one of them. Sheesh}.

I got an early morning call on the 25th of June. She was heading to the hospital with contractions. Well because I have NO PATIENCE, I decided to plant myself in the Roseville area. You know, just to be close so I could be a stalker in case she needed me. They sent her away to ‘walk’. Well that seemed to do something cause I texted her to get an update {but not overbearing – nope, not me!} and she was getting ready to be admitted. Well you know, I was in the area. It worked out — she said come on over. So I did. Immediately.

So it begins. At first it was her MIL, hubby and me. Then the party continued with another one of her best friends and her parents. More neighbors. We all hung out, took turns walking with her and rubbing her back. She was a trooper. No meds. Yet. Her body seemed kinda at a stand still and then — her mom and dad who literally had just flown into the SF Airport after being in France walked through the door. Game changer. The tears started and so did the contractions. I think her body waited till her parents could be there.

We all carried on. Between visits in the room and then taking over the waiting room. The energy was amazing. Everyone was so excited and we all had a buzz about us. Then her hubby came our of her room and said, “It’s game time — grandmas come to the room please”. I think we all get super high pitched and squeaky when this announcement came.

A few more friends arrived and I had another dear friend on the phone when the proud daddy  came into the waiting room to make the announcement, “It’s a GIRL!!!”. Of course this was followed by a lot of hugs, tears and just overall happiness.

Soon enough we all filed into that delivery room to meet this sweet baby girl. I am certain that she felt all of our energy as she is one of the most social babies I have ever met. I know her mama felt our love that day too. It was one of the sweetest and sentimental days I have ever been apart of.

Fast forward to today. Alyssa is almost 4 months old. I love holding her and hearing her find her cute little voice, laughing for the first time and just showing us the innocence of life and knowing that we all started so small.

If I have a bad day, guess where I go? Yep, right for that baby girl. I hold her and I forget that I am grumpy. I turn into this pile of mush and don’t care how silly I sound. With her in my arms, I am completely present. Oh, I also get the title of Auntie Gabby. {love}. So there you have it, my little take on being present with babies.

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