Day 9: 31 Days of Being Present

Ah fitness. Something that always makes me feel great BUT something I make the least amount of time for. It’s really quite awful. Working out is not only so good for us but also important as we age. Forty is just a couple of years away and now I think a whole lot more about things like bone loss, wrinkles and even the dreaded menopause. I know, I am a barrel of joy today 😉 But really taking care of ourselves makes all of the above just a little easier if not non-exsisent {wishful thinking ;)} I have never, repeat never been an athletic girl.Two activities that I do enjoy are walking and yoga. I’ll talk about yoga another day. Trust me, I must be present in yoga at least once if not twice this week.

This weeks goal, especially now that the weather is finally in the 70’s {thank you Mother Nature – I was wondering if you were hearing my begging} is to walk, walk and walk. I plan to log 15 miles this week. Doable but not too crazy.  This is a bit of what I am seeing on walks these days.










































  1. Lovin’ the captions ;o)

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