Day 6: 31 Days of Being Present

Today I am going to talk about being present while buying presents. I know, so many of you are just amazing at this task but there are many that struggle. I think this post might be perfect for so many husbands!! 😉 Especially mine! Often times we run out at the last minute to get ‘something’ for that birthday party we have to attend. Is that ‘something’ special or does it literally look like you grabbed the first item you saw at the first store you were in? I love buying presents for people. I am thrifty, I admit it but not in a bad way!! I love to find deals but I am also very much about finding something special that is exactly what fits the person I am buying for. I often pick up things throughout the year just because I know it would make the prefect gift for a special somebody. I then stow the gift away in giant Rubbermaid container and pull them out as needed.

A few occasions which will warrant gifts: birthdays, hostess gift, retirement, housewarming and new babies. I am sure the list goes on and on but you get the idea. Always keep your eyes peeled for that special gift. Not only will you feel happy giving it but the recipient will be so thankful that you know them so well.

My mother in law’s birthday is coming up. She is not always the easiest person for me to buy for but I feel like I still manage to come up with something that is ‘her’.

This year I decided on a cozy theme since we are in the midst of Fall. One of her favorite things to do is wake up early and sit on her back porch while enjoy some tea and a good book. I decided I’d contribute to this love. I was at the best store ever Target and decided on this lovely blanket {yes, it was on clearance from $24.99 to $17.98), I also found this adorable matching red mug for $1.99 and a box of chamomile tea. Yes, I just totally told you what everything costs but one thing my MIL does not do and that is read my blog. Sigh. It’s OK — we all do different things with our time eh? Anyway, I love that I got a great gift that truly does fit the person for a great price.

What do you think? Did I do good? The weather totally cooled down today and I personally would love to snuggle up with a soft blanket and a hot pumpkin spice latte. Mmmmmmm!!

How do you shop for gifts? On the fly or well thought out?

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