Day 5: 31 Days of Being Present

MONEY!   yes — the place where we all need to be present but often times we would rather not deal with it at all. Finances. Bills. Debt. Whatever you call it, it’s all about paying the bills. There are over 1000 bloggers participating in the 31 Days over at The Nester. Of course it’s fun to see what topics other people are picking.  This is where I found 31 Day to a Better Budget at A Time for Everything.

I love that she is so amazingly organized and that she has every day broken down for the entire 31 days. Wow. Maybe this is the first clue that I should listen eh? She seems to know her business 😉

So won’t you follow along and see what you can do to make the best of your budget? Maybe by being more present and actually following some guidelines, we I can become more aware of how to spend more importantly, how to save!



Check out her blog to follow along on a 30 day journey to a better budget.





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