Halloween Giveaway

I have been wanting to do this for some time and I figured, there us no time like the present so here we go — The first ever monthly giveaway at The Local Honey. Now, I love to shop so I am picking up things I love to give to YOU!


A few things for Halloween fun.

  • Wilton cookie cutters
  • Black and white polka dot cupcake wrappers – 75 included
  • Wilton Halloween sprinkles
  • Candy Corn tissueΒ 
  • Darling signs {3} – Halloween Fun, Gimme the Creeps and Scaredy Cat
  • Martha Stewart Goodie Bags {8} – various prints
  • Spooky banner

What do you need to do to win?

    • Please follow me on Twitter or Facebook {if you don’t already}. Make sure to leave a comment so I know you are a new follower.
    • Subscribe to my blog.
    • Leave a comment below by finishing this sentence. “My favorite Halloween ever was _______________________.” Be descriptive!!

On September 28th I will choose my favorite comment. I will then contact the winner via email and voila, on October 1st the package will ship to the winner!!

I’m also asking that you pass this giveaway on to friends and family — again via email, Twitter and Facebook. The more I grow — the more I can GIVE!

Thanks to those of you who already follow along. I {heart} you guys!




  1. Keya Millionie says:

    I like you on FB

  2. Keya Millionie says:

    I subscribe to your blog

  3. Keya Millionie says:

    My favorite Halloween ever was was the year my brother and his best friends went as Undead Football Players. They were about 11 years old, cut up and bloody, and went out Trick-or-Treating. We went to an area of town where a lot of older folks lived and many of the men got a kick out of it but the best part was when a woman thought they really were hurt and gave them bandaids. The boys proceeded to cover themselves in band aids, proclaim “We’re healed!” then skip off down the road… it’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen my brother do haha.

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  4. My favorite halloween was when my Mom dressed me up as a package of Jelly Bellys. There was tights, ballet shoes, leotard, plastic and tiny balloons all on this 4foot, probably 2inch cutie in 3rd grade. Yes I won the contest. Booyah.

  5. My favorite Halloween was when we were living in Spain. They don’t celebrate Halloween there, but we taught them all about the meaning of Halloween. All the kids in the whole school dressed up in gory, ghoulish costumes and we held a Halloween carnival complete with a haunted house. It was pretty awesome to see all the Spanish children getting into the spirit!

  6. My favorite Halloween ever was probably last year – I had my baby Maverick in my tummy and the awesomest “pregnant skeleton” costume. Loved the extra excitement at such a cool moment in my life, spending time with my amazing family & friends during my favorite time of the year!! I love Halloween!!! Thanks for the chance at a cool prize!

  7. Davina Davis says:

    My favorite Halloween ever was 6 years ago, when Sawyer was 6 months old, and Audrey was almost 3. They were a pumpkin and a little witch (ADORABLE) and it was the first year Audrey was big enough to go trick or treating. We went with the kids’ cousin Riley, which has been a tradition ever since.

  8. … each year just gets better… my kids are still totally into it and I love to watch them…
    But my favorite Halloween ever was when #3 started trick or treating around 2 1/2… he would walk up to the door, knock, and when the door opened, he would walk into EVERY house saying trick or treat. πŸ™‚

  9. …when I was a little kid and could go around with a pillow case and nearly fill it with candy where we lived. Sugar was my middle name then, and still is. πŸ™‚

  10. my favortie Halloween ever was when my sister and I were witches! I think we were about 7 and 5. It was the real deal. Black cloaky dress, rope belt, cool hat. My mom even put witch noses on us. THe clay/makeup kind and then painted our faces green! It was the cutest ever. I haven’t been able to convince Katelyn to do it…..but I haven’t stopped trying!! πŸ™‚

    • I love all of the fun witch options for girls! I have boys so it’s all blood and guts. No cute witches here either. Does that make you feel better? πŸ˜‰ I bet you and your sister were ADORABLE!!

  11. Kelly O'Brien says:

    I love your blog! It’s fun to read and you always have such yummy recipes! My favorite Halloween was last year. Chloe was a bumble bee and Z was a pirate. Chloe was almost 2 years old and so into it, and running so fast from house to house screaming “tick o teat” lol!! Looking forward to this year too! Love Fall!! Muaaaaa

  12. Love the blog! Thanks!
    My best Halloween was when my best friend and I had home made playing card costumes. I think we were in the 4th grade. They were fun to make & wear and I must say they looked fantastic. Best part of the night…dumping out the candy on the floor at our friends house for the most important counting and swapping of your favorites!

  13. My favorite Halloween was the one that came the day after my sweet son was born. He was wearing the little knitted hat they give you at the hospital and it was orange. Now we have a Halloween theme for his birthday every year and he thinks that we dress up for everyone’s birthday.

  14. A long time ago, Halloween was safe and we never worried about anything. We ran around with pillow cases throughout the neighborhood and filled them with candy. Things were fun. My mom made cheese burgers for dinner. Each hamburger had a cheese slice with triangles cut outs for eyes, nose and a mouth that looked like a pumpkin. I sound like my mom, but times were simpler and safer way, way back then. Happy Halloween, Fall and October to you!! πŸ˜‰

  15. I have lots of fun Halloween memories, but my favorite was John’s first Halloween. I got him the cutest Dalmatian costume. I dressed up in Matt’s spare turnouts (he was at work of course) and we went trick or treating to our neighbors’ homes. Everyone thought he was so cute and got the whole “Firefightet & his dog thing”, except for one neighbor who thought he was a cow (it was our neighbor who was a police officer…figures!) Lots of fun! I too love your blog and fun recipes!! Thanks Gabby!!

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