Closet Makeover

I love to organize. In doing so, it calms me. It makes me feel like I have some control in an otherwise crazy, uncontrolled world!! I also love to decorate and merging the two is bliss! I have a large closet as I mentioned in my previous post. It is full of the normal closet stuff – shoes, clothes and crap. OK, so I cut the crap by starting a garage sale pile {and some trips to Goodwill}. I painted it a pretty blue called, Waterscape by Sherwin Williams. I also have to give a little plug. If you are in the El Dorado Hills/Folsom area, Sherwin Williams has the best employee EVER. Her name is Morgan and she is beyond helpful and friendly. I just had to share that because I am all about great customer service. It’s one of my favorite things.

So the room was painted and then I added in some brown and white accessories. I need to add one more shelf to accommodate more Rubbermaid bins but that will come with time. I have to recruit the hubby for help on that. I am not a shelf installer. By choice.  🙂 I am a little leary of power tools but I know as a DIYer I need to get over this. Baby steps friends, baby steps. ** Update: The shelf is officially in so the closet it complete!! Woot woot.

The original cubbies and storage units came from Home Depot many moons ago. As much as I’d like fancier or custom made ones, these do the trick. Below, I am listing the item and where I purchased it from.

Paint color – Waterscape by Sherwin Williams
Rubbermaid Bins — various shapes and sizes are from both Target and WalMart
Brown Canvas Bins – Target $9.99/each. These are pretty solid and worth the upgrade from the $6.99 ones that they sell
Brown Chest {sitting on the floor — it holds my flip flops and sandals} – Ross for $29.99
Brown Baskets – Cost Plus a few years ago
Old Frame turned Jewelry Holder — The frame was given to me and then I repainted and re-purposed using a sheet of  radiator metal from Lowes.
Keep Calm and Carry on sign – Etsy, Simply Handmade 123 , a sweet lil local vendor

Here are a few pics of the after:

The view when you walk in. It is a hodge podge of stuff but it is all neatly organized and arranged. No ‘junk’ to be found. 

This is my scrapbooks and photo albums as well as boxes of photos.
Keep Calm and Carry on sign – Etsy, Simply Handmade 123 

 Brown Canvas Bins – Target $9.99/each, White Storage Boxes – IKEA

Handmade jewelry holder using an old frame, radiator metal and cup hooks for the necklaces.

I think by working with what I had, adding some fresh paint and a few other accessories that it came out quite organized and nice. Do you have a space that you want to organize?? Just do it, the results are so worth it!


  1. Lourdes says:

    Hey Gabby, did you also make the thing for hanging your jewelry? It looks really cool and practical.

    • I did!! I copied the idea from another site. I used an old frame and repainted it and then Steve added the radiator metal and hooks for the necklaces. I love it but I think I need more jewelry to fill it 😉

  2. Do you sell these? I would love to buy one. This is just what im looking for. let me know. thanks


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