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Hello friends! It’s all sunny and pretty here in Northern California today. Well, a little windy which is making me wheeze cause I’m allergic to all the pollens BUT it’s pretty and the temps are perfect. Of course this weather reminds me that we have to redo the backyard.We moved into our home almost 8 years ago and the backyard was all pretty and fresh a year after we moved in. Well since then we have had another child and gained a new dog. The backyard has seen better days. It’s time for some serious replanting and because of our monster new puppy dog, we will need to install new drip lines and do a few other repairs. This dog likes to chew!!! And climb. And chew. It’s a bad combo really. Thankfully we do have a dog run to keep him in once we make things all pretty again. So that he can not destroy our hard work. We are trying to make this redo nice but also do it on a dime {give or take a few hundred!} Aside from a few basic replacements like plants, new sod and planting a garden — we have a huge area to  completely relandscape. It has been a sandbox and very loved play structure but as time has gone on, the kids have become more interested in taking it apart board by board then playing on it. This is a decent sized area and we have been a little stumped. I think the general consensus is pulling up the bark and replacing it with flagstone and pea gravel. We’d also like to add a seating area with a fire pit. It’s totally going to be a labor of love {which I want done by May 18th cause I am hosting a baby shower on the 20th}. No pressure! I also want to move my garden. I have never really liked where we put it and now that some space is freeing up, the time for a new home has come!

Of course because I am planning and needing inspiration, I am all over the place looking up ideas, pics, etc. I wanted to share some of the fun things I have found with you! Maybe you will be inspired? If you can’t tell, I am really hung up on benches. I like that you can fit several people on them and they have a different vibe then your standard patio set.




Source Unknown


As you can see there are many options. These are just a few of my favorites I love the idea of the sunken herb garden but we may stick to some old wine barrels. I’m also thinking of creating a cutting garden so that I can always have fresh flowers {season pending of course!}. Do you have a backyard that you love? What is it that you love about the space?


  1. Pics 3/4/5 get my vote!

  2. Love all those pics. You can’t go wrong with any of those! Reminds me of the Jeff Lewis Show: Interior Therapy. He just redid someone’s back yard much like those pics last week!

    Good luck with that! Be sure and post pictures of what you end up with! 🙂

  3. Great insights for redecorating, Thumbs up!


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