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Togs for Dogs and Cats Too!!

There is  new guy  in town .. well sort of new. Eddie and Dina opened up Togs for Dogs and Cats Too!  last Fall and even though it took me this long to get there, I have to share how excited I am about this local business. El Dorado Hills is a pretty small community and a lot of us really like to support our local businesses when we can. This is also how The Local Honey came to be. I wanted to bring awareness to our community and all that it offers.

My introduction to Togs for Dogs came via my recent enrollment in puppy school. Our adopted pup needed some training so we enrolled him in Unleashed which is a local dog school. They offered a class at Togs for Dogs which was appealing because I could expose my pup, Ollie, to real life  situations. Since I started class last Tuesday, I have been back three times. Not only do they offer a great assortment of dog and cat food but they also have lots of every day basics like dog collars and toys. I even picked up a couple of antler pieces which have turned into a favorite chew toy {it is a great way for dogs to chew and more cost effective because they can’t eat right through it}. I also picked up a training pouch and treats to make training my dog easier.

Dina and Eddie are so accommodating and knowledgable of animals and their needs. Having been in the business for nearly 30 years, they can give you information that is fitting for you and your pet. They will not only greet you with a smile and friendly conversation but they will also make friends with your pup — or at least try 😉 My guy is a bit shy so Eddie had to work for it today via treats.

What else can you do at Togs for Dogs besides buy items for your pet? Check out the doggy park. A completely gated and covered area for your dog to run and play with friends. Also, be sure to check out their calendar for fun events such as puppy parties on the patio or adoption events. Great local rescues like The Grace Foundation do dog adoptions on location at Togs for Dogs.

If you are in the market for some doggie or kitty treats or it’s time for that new collar for Fido, head on over for Togs for Dogs and Cats Too! Tell them The Local Honey sent you 🙂

Togs for Dogs and Cats too! is located at 330 Green Valley Road in El Dorado Hills. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday and closed Monday. They are changing hours soon and will be open Mondays but closed Sundays. Check in to verify if you plan to shop either of these days. You can reach them at 916-939-3884. You can also find them online by clicking here.


Super Smoothie

I {heart} food. Period! But I am also quite lazy about getting the right amount of fruits and veggies. I stumbled upon this smoothie recipe awhile bad and finally whipped one up today. It tasted great and I felt like I truly ate my fruits and veggies! Well, not a whole days worth but a decent amount by 10am. Iowa Girl Eats has some fabulous recipes and other fun did bits. Check out her Friday Favorites .. she has some great finds on there. I’m also loving her workout log. What a great way to be accountable for daily workouts!!

Let  me introduce the Green Monster Spinach Smoothie — I swear, aside from the spinach that was getting stuck in my teeth, this tasted more like peanut butter then a spinach salad 😉

Photo from Iowa Girl Eats

Serves 1


1 frozen sliced banana

1 Tablespoon peanut butter

1/2 cup 0% Vanilla Chobani Greek yogurt

1 cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze (or other kind of milk)

4 cups baby spinach (or more, or less)


Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

Nutritional stats:

350 calories, 10g fiber, 21g protein

Be sure to check out her site for more information on this healthy lil concoction including the nutritional benefits of spinach. Remember, it was good enough for Popeye’s muscles!!

Closet Makeover

I love to organize. In doing so, it calms me. It makes me feel like I have some control in an otherwise crazy, uncontrolled world!! I also love to decorate and merging the two is bliss! I have a large closet as I mentioned in my previous post. It is full of the normal closet stuff – shoes, clothes and crap. OK, so I cut the crap by starting a garage sale pile {and some trips to Goodwill}. I painted it a pretty blue called, Waterscape by Sherwin Williams. I also have to give a little plug. If you are in the El Dorado Hills/Folsom area, Sherwin Williams has the best employee EVER. Her name is Morgan and she is beyond helpful and friendly. I just had to share that because I am all about great customer service. It’s one of my favorite things.

So the room was painted and then I added in some brown and white accessories. I need to add one more shelf to accommodate more Rubbermaid bins but that will come with time. I have to recruit the hubby for help on that. I am not a shelf installer. By choice.  🙂 I am a little leary of power tools but I know as a DIYer I need to get over this. Baby steps friends, baby steps. ** Update: The shelf is officially in so the closet it complete!! Woot woot.

The original cubbies and storage units came from Home Depot many moons ago. As much as I’d like fancier or custom made ones, these do the trick. Below, I am listing the item and where I purchased it from.

Paint color – Waterscape by Sherwin Williams
Rubbermaid Bins — various shapes and sizes are from both Target and WalMart
Brown Canvas Bins – Target $9.99/each. These are pretty solid and worth the upgrade from the $6.99 ones that they sell
Brown Chest {sitting on the floor — it holds my flip flops and sandals} – Ross for $29.99
Brown Baskets – Cost Plus a few years ago
Old Frame turned Jewelry Holder — The frame was given to me and then I repainted and re-purposed using a sheet of  radiator metal from Lowes.
Keep Calm and Carry on sign – Etsy, Simply Handmade 123 , a sweet lil local vendor

Here are a few pics of the after:

The view when you walk in. It is a hodge podge of stuff but it is all neatly organized and arranged. No ‘junk’ to be found. 

This is my scrapbooks and photo albums as well as boxes of photos.
Keep Calm and Carry on sign – Etsy, Simply Handmade 123 

 Brown Canvas Bins – Target $9.99/each, White Storage Boxes – IKEA

Handmade jewelry holder using an old frame, radiator metal and cup hooks for the necklaces.

I think by working with what I had, adding some fresh paint and a few other accessories that it came out quite organized and nice. Do you have a space that you want to organize?? Just do it, the results are so worth it!

Backyard Inspirations

Hello friends! It’s all sunny and pretty here in Northern California today. Well, a little windy which is making me wheeze cause I’m allergic to all the pollens BUT it’s pretty and the temps are perfect. Of course this weather reminds me that we have to redo the backyard.We moved into our home almost 8 years ago and the backyard was all pretty and fresh a year after we moved in. Well since then we have had another child and gained a new dog. The backyard has seen better days. It’s time for some serious replanting and because of our monster new puppy dog, we will need to install new drip lines and do a few other repairs. This dog likes to chew!!! And climb. And chew. It’s a bad combo really. Thankfully we do have a dog run to keep him in once we make things all pretty again. So that he can not destroy our hard work. We are trying to make this redo nice but also do it on a dime {give or take a few hundred!} Aside from a few basic replacements like plants, new sod and planting a garden — we have a huge area to  completely relandscape. It has been a sandbox and very loved play structure but as time has gone on, the kids have become more interested in taking it apart board by board then playing on it. This is a decent sized area and we have been a little stumped. I think the general consensus is pulling up the bark and replacing it with flagstone and pea gravel. We’d also like to add a seating area with a fire pit. It’s totally going to be a labor of love {which I want done by May 18th cause I am hosting a baby shower on the 20th}. No pressure! I also want to move my garden. I have never really liked where we put it and now that some space is freeing up, the time for a new home has come!

Of course because I am planning and needing inspiration, I am all over the place looking up ideas, pics, etc. I wanted to share some of the fun things I have found with you! Maybe you will be inspired? If you can’t tell, I am really hung up on benches. I like that you can fit several people on them and they have a different vibe then your standard patio set.




Source Unknown


As you can see there are many options. These are just a few of my favorites I love the idea of the sunken herb garden but we may stick to some old wine barrels. I’m also thinking of creating a cutting garden so that I can always have fresh flowers {season pending of course!}. Do you have a backyard that you love? What is it that you love about the space?