Valentine’s Day Fun

Hello there, I am suffering from a ‘9 year old party of 6 sleep over hangover’. Was that run on or what? What it means is that I am a little loopy and tired today. I did get a little cat nap in and now my boys — hubby included — are at the neighbors watching the Niner game. I don’t do sports so it was the perfect excuse to get a break. So here I sit, listening to the rain outside, enjoying a crackling fire and eating some clam chowder and crusty bread {thanks to my hubs for the store run}. Since I have Valentine’s on the mind, I thought I’d share some fun finds with you.

I love this cheery mantel over at Landee See Landee Do.

I do love me some burlap and this ‘love’ pillow over on Etsy is just so fun! I might have to try this whole stencil on a pillow thing. It seems to be quite the trend.

Another sweet Etsy find. I love burlap and pennants so how perfect!! The background is also quite perfectly romantic don’t you think?

This cute little combo is popping up all over Pinterest. I sign everything with xo so I love it extra 🙂

So Craftalicious did a fun wreath using strips of fabric. I did something similiar for Christmas. It’s such a great way to use scraps of fabric.

This fabulous idea came from Whipperberry. I love it so much that I already plan to do it for my boys classmates for Valentine’s Day gifts. I picked up the heart baking cups at Michaels {using a 40% off coupon of course!} and I found the stamper on-line. It’s such a sweet and crafty idea.

This sweet little necklace that I saw on Pinterest is so simple yet sweet.

Of course the options for Valentine’s Day crafts, decor and goodies is endless. I could sit and share all night but I will leave you with just a little bit of sweetness for now. I am still working on my Valentine’s Day mantel. I will be sharing that with all of you soon. Until then, Be Love.


  1. Hi Friend! I really LOVE the Valentine’s mantel. Especialy the love story sign. I saw where I could purchase it on Etsy but I want it on a black board, not red. I saw that I can get the letters only for $15 but do you know where I might be able to find a black board? Is this a project you might want to do? I’ll pay you the big bucks 
    Love You!!!

    • Be sure to check out my Pinterest section on printables as well — I gather and save stuff I find and I just printed the cutest Valentine’s one!! Also, Kathy’s Primitives has adorable canvas wall art for great prices. Have fun 🙂

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