Goblin Gardens – Local Farm Fresh Pumpkins & Hay Maze

Well, I am on restriction now. From Pinterest. It’s become a borderline ‘issue’. Kinda like chocolate except I like Pinterest more then chocolate! Do you “pin”? Click here if you do and you can check out my boards. If not, let me know and I can let you in on the secret 😉 Basically I could sit and pin my likes all day and all night. So I give myself little time-lines, “Gabby, at 10:15 you must close out of Pinterest”. Ugh. Seriously people. It is like crack {not that I would know but you get the idea}. So beyond my addiction, I wanted to share a what looks to be a fun local Pumpkin Patch in Natomas. It is called Goblin Gardens. They are open daily from 10am – 7pm. Some of the fun things they offer:

  • Corn Maze
  • Bale Pyramid (Consisting of 1356 bales of hay.) The best view of our farm.
  • Minature Hay Maze
  • Minature Racetrack for younger children.
  • Large inflatable double-slide
  • many fun cutouts and backdrops for some terrific family photo opportunities.
  • Weekends hourly educational Hayrides. (Available also by appointment on weekdays.)

I can not seem to locate the prices but I did find a $1 off coupon on their Facebook Page. Click here to be redirected. You can also contact them at 916-925-2496.

Oh yeah, don’t let the idea of a “Minature Hay Maze” be a deterrent — my 40 year old husband managed to have a great time chasing and scaring the kids in one at Apple Hill this last week. The fact that he is 40 and did this is a whole other post 😉 I think I shall call it, “Once a boy, always a boy”. The kids had a blast with their grown up friend! Ha ha.

Do you have  a favorite Pumpkin Patch? I’d love to hear where it is.


  1. Mike barlow says:

    Love Goblin Gardens! Got to ride the spooky corn maze train with the kids last year. The people there were very nice – had a great time.

  2. I’ll check out Goblin Gardens as soon as we can.
    I’ve read about Pinterest yesterday. I’m not really familiar with it yet but man, it is so addictive! I couldn’t hep myself. I kept on clicking…

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