Summer Fun

Even though yesterday was a day of rain, it was the last day of school. So today we embarked upon our first official day of Summer vacation. The sun is shining and it is a perfect 69 degrees. Totally weird weather for the end of May but I like it! The boys and I had breakfast at Karen’s Cafe {my fave for yummy pastries}. Then I dragged the poor little guys to the mall cause mama needed a new dress for a friend’s wedding. It’s OK — they got to spend a little money at the toy store. Bribes often work and are sometimes necessary 😉 As much as I know that summer will fly by, I also know it is important to find time fillers. Kids get bored and then mama get’s crabby dealing with bored kids. Or maybe that is just this mama. Doubtful though. In mu search of things to do this summer, I have come up with some ideas. Personally I gravitate towards the cheap or freebie ones but there are also camps that cost but might be worth the extra hours of sanity. They also might be just what the working families need to fill up the days.

Bowling, video arcades, water parks, regular parks, camping — there are so many options. Also, we are located in a prime spot {Northern California that is!}. Situated somewhere between the mountains and the beaches, day trips are a short drive away as are so many vacation destinations. Click here for State Park info.

Spend time with friends and family.

Regal Cinemas Summer Movie Express. Once this was a free activity but now you have to pay $1 admission. Still, not too shabby for a movie! Click here for more information.

Eat ice cream.

The Sacramento Bee has a special feature called Sac Moms Club that has a variety of information on classes, camp outs and activities for families. Click here for more information.

Make s’mores. offers a whole list of great ideas for kids and teens, see below or click here for the actual site:

Take your kids on a learning expedition! Sacramento’s area museums offer great fun and teach important lessons at the same time.

California State Railroad Museum* (916) 445-6645; 111 I St., Old Sacramento
Aerospace Museum of California* (916) 643-3192; 5934 Price Ave., McClellan
Discovery Science/Space Museum* (916) 575-3941; 3615 Auburn Blvd., Sac
Discovery Gold Rush Museum* (916) 264-7057; 101 I St., Old Sacramento
Crocker Art Museum (916) 808-7000; 216 O St, Sacramento
Towe Auto Museum* (916) 442-6802; 2200 Front St., Sacramento

Amusement Parks
Although Sacramento doesn’t have any large-scale amusement parks, there are an abundance of smaller parks that are great for families!

Fairytale Town (916) 489-4918; 2850 San Lorenzo Way, Carmichael
Funderland Children’s Park (916) 456-0115; 1350 17th Ave., Sacramento
Scandia Family Fun Center (916) 331-0115; 5070 Hillsdale Blvd., Sacramento
Golfland SunSplash* (916) 784-1273; 1893 Taylor Rd., Roseville

Water Parks
We have many water parks in the Sacramento area, including two full-size water slide amusement parks.

Raging Waters @ Cal Expo (916) 924-3747; 1600 Exposition Blvd., Sacramento
Golfland SunSplash (916) 784-1273; 1893 Taylor Rd., Roseville
Folsom Aquatic Center (916) 355-8318; 1200 Riley St., Folsom

There’s nothing like going to the Zoo with your kids, and Sacramento has some great ones.

Sacramento Zoo (916) 264-5888; 3930 W Land Park Dr., Sacramento
Folsom Zoo (916) 351-3527; 403 Stafford St., Folsom
Effie Yeaw Nature Center* (916) 489-4918; 2850 San Lorenzo Way, Carmichael

Outdoor Fun
Get outside and have fun in nature with your kids. These nature areas offer great opportunities to experience nature within a short drive of the city.

Effie Yeaw Nature Center* (916) 489-4918; 2850 San Lorenzo Way, Carmichael
CSUS Aquatic Center (916) 278-2842; 1901 Hazel Ave., Gold River
Folsom Lake State Park (916) 988-0205; 7806 Folsom-Auburn Rd., Folsom
American River Bike Trail (916) 875-6961; (various access locations)
River Otter Water Taxi (916) 446-7704; (on the river at Old Sacramento)
Nimbus Fish Hatchery (916) 358-2884; 2001 Nimbus Road, Rancho Cordova

Fun for Teens
Motivating teens to get out is a little harder than younger kids, but we’ve put together a list of fun, teen-appropriate places where they can go too!

RPM Indoor Kart Racing* (916) 368-7223; 3130 Bradshaw Rd., Sacramento
Skatetown Roseville (916) 783-8550; 1009 Orlando Ave., Roseville
28th & B Skate Park* (916) 808-4066; 28th St. and B St., Sacramento
La Sierra Skate Park (916) 480-0700; 5325 Engle Rd., Carmichael
Golfland SunSplash* (916) 784-1273; 1893 Taylor Rd., Roseville
Sky High Sports (916) 853-5867; 11327 Folsom Blvd, Rancho Cordova

* I started this post last week. It looked like summer might actually be on it’s way. As I type this, there is hail and rain. The skies are dark and it feels like January! Now, I don’t have issues with January but this is June people. I am feeling restless {as are most No Ca peeps} of a very moody Mother Nature. I know, it could be much worse but still. When you are used to blue skies and heat come May, this just makes a person stir crazy.

Are you feeling summer just yet?

Well I am off to reshop for something to wear to a friends outdoor wedding this weekend. I had the cutest outfit picked out but we are now supposed to dress warm for an outside wedding that is expecting rain. At least rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck.


  1. Love these ideas!! Thanks so much for sharing.. I know I’ll be referring back to this often throughout summer!

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