Have your coffee and save money?

What?? How can it be? You can still treat yourself to that coffee at the local coffee shop. Are you guilty of this splurge? Hand raised over here. I am totally guilty. I do love my iced coffee made with half whole milk and three pumps vanilla (hey, a girl just knows how she likes her coffee). Plus I have grown a little attached to the staff at my local Starbuck’s. I know — terrible and expensive habit but it is my one vice. Well that and wine but that is a whole other post 😉

A few tips from the latest Real Simple Magazine on how to get a cheaper cup of coffee. I can’t locate the link but the credit goes to Valerie Rains. Now a few tips — remember, be kind to your barista — they might see right through your ‘cheap plan’ but kindness and a smile goes a very long way! Oh, I also have to say that the drink I order is basically a latte in disguise but cheaper. I didn’t intentionally start out thinking so. My plan was just to cut my caffeine intake and in doing so, I made a cheaper drink. They call is a misto — I call it a cheap vanilla latte 🙂

Cold drinks are easier to manipulate since you add milk, ice, etc. For your own latte order a shot or two of espresso over ice. Add your own free milk at the condiment bar (less room for error in the measuring as well).

Looking for two iced teas? Order a large straight-up. Often teas are diluted with water. You can then get an extra cup with ice and split the drink by adding a little water yourself.

When you want room for cream but don’t want to skimp on the size of your coffee, ask that it be poured in a larger cup. You get the amount you paid for with room for your add-ins.

Looking for a smaller size then what is offered? Just ask. You may be able to get a ‘kids’ size for an adjusted price.

Looking for the caffiene buzz? Instead for two shots of espresso, how about adding just one to a plain ol’ cup of coffee?

Now my final tip for you which is something that I do, see if your local coffee shop offers a reward program. After so many drinks I get a rewards certificate for a free one. It makes a difference and I just have to load and spend on one card. It also helps me stretch out my coffee allowance.

Are you a coffee shop junky or a disciplined soul that makes your own at home?

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