Finding Balance

Somehow it is Wednesday and as I type this post, I realize that I forgot to send something to share with my Kindergartner today. Oops! This is what happens after a long weekend going into a short work & school week. I somehow lose all sense of what is what! Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the extra time off and the extra R&R but it just throws me off. So my question to you is do you have a balance? I am a busy mama {aren’t we all busy in our own way?} I am very blessed to be a SAHM but my days and minutes fill up quickly just the same.  Kate over at Censational Girl had me rethinking my routine or lack of when I read this post on her blog last week. Now don’t get me wrong, I have the best intentions to follow a routine however, “life happens” and things don’t always work as planned. However, I think it is time I adopted some sort of routine. Aside from driving kids to and from school filled in with whatever other tasks seem to be calling, I need to find a better balance. So right here in front of the whole wide blog world I am going to attempt a schedule that goes something like this:

Sunday: Aside from family time I’d also like to do my meal planning. Hoping to make this a joint effort between me and the hubby.

Monday: Grocery shop and errands

Tuesday: yoga, blogging (getting ahead of myself so that I can just release blogs on days that are too busy for writing).

Wednesday: Research, explore and write about  ‘local spots’ for blogs.

Thursday: Work in son’s classroom and yoga

Friday: Clean house – start the weekend off fresh

Saturday: Start with yoga and then enjoy the day with family and friends.

Of course my afternoon hours are dedicated to the family. Things like baking cookies, cooking dinner, homework and reading.

Did you notice that a certain activity keeps popping up? Yoga. Well that is my personal and internal ‘balance’ which I know is so important to maintain. I am a stressor and a doer. Both of which contribute to migraines and just a sense of being unbalanced. I try very hard to make time for things like yoga and walking. It helps so much and I feel that by taking those small windows for me, I am all the better for my family. Thankfully I have a hubby that supports these healthy habits.

Now of course that is a loose schedule and so many things pop up throughout the week but I think a general schedule is smart. Be fair to yourself and except the unexpected. This will make you feel like your routine is more of a success then a failure.

Do you feel like you have a balance? Or are you seeking one? I honestly feel that when you ‘schedule’ things, they are more likely to happen.


  1. Sounds like you’re totally on it! It’s so great to have a Plan A, but how often to we as busy moms have to fall back on Plan B or Plan C? A lot! Good for you for finding a way to nurture yourself so you can be at your best for your family!
    THanks so much for the linky love, nice to meet you *neighbor* !


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