Detox — Foods that help the body

I am sorta trying a new path ~ it’s called yoga {yes, I bet you have probably heard of it ;)} I took a few classes. Loved the “after” {during kinda kicked my butt but the after part I did love}. I decided to give myself 3 months of going 2-3 times a week. More if possible. Now of course I think this will be a great thing for my physical well being but honestly, I am doing it more for my mental well being. I stress. Easily. Often. Over anything. It’s stupid really as I am an optimist but I tend to really hold on to stress and thus I end up with the hated migraine. Now, if you are at all intrigued by my new endeavor, check out Zuda Yoga. It’s not for the weak, I assure you! They have two locations — Folsom and Midtown.

Yoga is supposed to be healing. So is eating better. Did you know that some foods actually help your body “detox”? No, chocolate and sugar are not on the list. Sorry to disappoint you!

A few detox foods are:

  • Fruits – remember, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  • Green foods – think Kale, chard & spinach.
  • Citrus – add some lemon to your water.
  • Beans – the magical fruit {I won’t finish that one for you}.
  • Omegas – fish, flax seed & avocado are all good sources.
  • Garlic – an easy way to spice up almost any main dish.
  • Nuts – as a snack or even on a salad.

Those are just a few of many thing that can be great for your body. For more ideas and details on how to do a detox, head on over to the Global Healing Center by clicking here.


  1. Great list of foods. I already eat alot of fruits and veggies on a daily basis, including raw spinich. I also take flax seed oil everyday. I need to try to incorporate more nuts into my diet.

    Good post!

  2. I have heard so many great things about limes, but i have yet to put them to the test. gotta try it to see for my self.


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