Tin Can Planters & Modge Podge fun

I started saving cans after seeing a cute planting idea awhile back. I promised the boys that we would decorate our cans with fun paper, they even got to choose their own special scrapbook paper at Michael’s ~ this took a little time with all of the options!! Ben of course is a little slower to decide whereas Mason chooses quickly and moves on. Totally how they are with everything. So we got our supplies together: tin can with holes in the bottom for drainage, paper cut into the right size, Modge Podge and a paint brush. After adhering the paper to the cans, we went back over the top with more Modge Podge to seal and give the paper a shiny coat. We then filled the bottom with little rocks and then added the potting soil. I let each of the boys pick out one little plant at Home Depot the other day. We each planted our little pieces of nature. Ben also decided that he wanted to plant some bird seed as he saw some sprout in a planter that he accidentally spilled in and thought it looked pretty. We shall see how that comes out. It will be fun to watch our plants thrive in the creative little “pots”. I also created a couple extras to use as pencil holders in my office. Have you used Modge Podge? Next up — clip boards!


  1. Another fun use for these tin cans after the cute application of Mod Podge and paper? Try flipping the can upside down to use it as a drum. When the kids are not making music, it doubles as storage for the drumsticks and other small instruments. If you get several sizes, you can have a whole drum set! We have had ours now for about 4 years now, and it has held up great. Nobody would ever guess it was once a large can of fruit from Costco! 🙂

  2. What a great idea!! Thanks for the input artsy mama!! 🙂

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