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Easy DIY art for any room

I am constantly in the mood for redecorating but because this is such an obsession, I have to come up with frugal ways to change things up ~ otherwise I’d end up divorced 🙂 An idea that I have seen and will probably run with soon is the simple framing of some pretty scrapbook paper. You could also mat it for a more polished look. You can pay a pretty penny to have this done at a place like Aaron Brothers or Michael’s or you could also purchase a mat at one of these places and DIY. Budget conscience me would do it myself. You can buy a pretty sheet or paper for around a buck. With so many styles and colors to choose from, you have endless possibilities for a unique piece of art. For an even better visual, you can frame several papers from the same line.  I really like using the 12×12 frames but if you have old frames lying around, you could mix it up and make a hodge podge wall.  I also HAVE to share this adorable piece of art that I found while searching for photos of my DIY subject (since I am telling you all about this project but have yet to do it myself). This is the cutest little thing. I have so many scraps of paper and this is exactly the type of project that I could use some of them on. I do not have a butterfly punch but I do have circles, flowers, stars and even a pumpkin. again, the possibilities are endless. So check it out and a big thanks to Alli Edwards for her creativity. Alli has been one of my fave scrappers over at Creating Keepsakes for many moons so stumbling upon this by accident and finding that it was her creation made it even more fun!!